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Models of crystal bead rings : mobiles version
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Models for bead rings

These rings, in seed and crystal beads, are made using the techniques of bead weaving.
Here's a simple model of a ring you can make using our instructions.
model for bead ring   For original, sophisticated models that show off the Swarovski ®, crystal range to their best, visit our gallery
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Patterns or kits (beads+patterns)

Make your own bead rings

Thread the beads using nylon thread or brass wire (29 gauge): it's up to you to see which material you prefer. Nylon thread lets you draw the beads more tightly together, but has to be held in place, while the brass wire stays in place by itself, although it's more difficult to thread the beads snugly together.
You can add faceted beads, glass bead or Swarovski R beads to seed beads for a glittering effect. Once you've understood the principle of weaving, you can easily make your own bead rings. The possibilities are endless !

Diagram for a seed bead ring model


Diagram for seed bead ring
Diagram key
Diagram for seed bead ring
Instructions for the making of this model of ring
Midway along a 40 inch long thread :
Row 1 : thread a golden bead, a tube bead, another golden bead.
Row 2 : thread three seed beads, pass the other end of the thread through these three beads.
Row 3 : Thread one golden bead, one seed bead, one large green bead, one seed bead and one golden bead. Thread the other end of the thread through the green bead and the seed beads but not the golden beads.
Repeat, with the help of the above diagram.
Row 4 : One golden bead, one seed bead, two large green beads, one seed bead and one golden bead.
Row 5 : One golden bead, one seed bead, one large green bead, one large white bead, one large green bead, one seed bead, one golden bead. bead ring diagram
Row 10 during weaving
Row 6 : One golden bead, six seed beads, one golden bead.
Row 7 (center) golden bead, seed bead, white bead, the center bead, one white bead, one seed bead, one golden bead.
Row 8 : like row 6.
Row 9 : like row 5.
Row 10 : like row 4.
Row 11 : like row 3.
Row 12 : like row 2.
bead ring diagram
Rows 13 and 14
Row 13 : as for row 1. Repeat this row until you have the size of ring you want.
To finish off your ring, rethread the threads through the first two rows and one of the threads in the third row. Tie a double knot then rethread through two more rows and cut the thread.

This ring was made in similar fashion, but using strass beads around the central bead and faceted beads to catch the light...purists will use Swarovski R crystal beads for a better play of light.

You can use a nylon thread joined with a very thin brass wire : the ring will be stronger and the nylon won't unravel during the making of the ring. Mady's bead ring
To make a bead ring that's more simple, check out the twist ring method.